10 GitHub repos you cannot miss out on

10 GitHub repos you cannot miss out on

What is a repository?

Basically a repo is short for repository. A repository is like a container, it stores your files. It is stored with a history of changes you've made. If you don't get what a repo is storing or its purpose, you can read the repo's README.md file.

Here are 10 repositories you need to check out right now!

1. ossu/computer-science


The OSSU curriculum is a complete education in computer science using online materials

2. public-apis/public-apis


A nice and frequently updated collection of public apis. The APIs are even broken down into categories making it much easier to browse through them.

3. swisskyrepo/PayloadsAllTheThings


This repository is a list of useful payloads and bypasses for Web Application security

4. EbookFoundation/free-programming-books


In this repository, you can get various free books related to various programming topics.

5. freeCodeCamp


FreeCodeCamp is a great place to get started with programming. On youtube, their website and even Github.

6. jwsham/coding-interview-university


"Googley-as-heck" created this repository to document his 8-month process of preparing for a Google Interview. And you can spend less time thanks to this repo.

7. danistefanovic/build-your-own-x


This is a great repository that teaches you how to build your own tech like an AR bot, BitTorrent, bot and many more.

8. trekhleb/javascript-algorithms


This repository contains algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings.

9. vasanthk/how-web-works


What happens behind the scenes when we type google.com in a browser?

10. kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap


This repo contains roadmaps for popular languages to learn and become a developer in 2022

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