10 Tailwind resources for you to make better websites

10 Tailwind resources for you to make better websites

Tailwind CSS is a "utility-first" CSS framework that provides a deep catalog of CSS classes and tools that lets you easily get started. Rather than focusing on the functionality of the item being styled, Tailwind is centered around how it should be displayed.

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1️⃣ Pallete Generator

Color palette generator that outputs Tailwind CSS configuration files.


2️⃣ tail-animista

Configurable custom animation utility generator for Tailwind CSS.


3️⃣ Flowrift

Beautifully designed Tailwind CSS UI blocks.


4️⃣ Windframe

Tailwind CSS drag and drop builder to rapidly build and prototype websites.


5️⃣ Windy

Browser extension to convert HTML elements to Tailwind CSS.


6️⃣ Updrafts.app

Advanced online no-code drag and drop editor for Tailwind CSS.


7️⃣ Play

Advanced online playground for Tailwind CSS.


8️⃣ Tailwind Cheat Sheet

Tailwind CSS utility class names in a searchable interface.


9️⃣ Beginners to Advanced Tailwind Course

An all-in-course for people to start learning Tailwind or brush up their knowledge.


🔟 Wicked Templates

Your one-stop shop for Tailwind Templates and components.


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