50 no-code website builders you need in 2022

50 no-code website builders you need in 2022

Coding takes time. It's 2022 and if you still spend hours making websites, this list is for you! Save 100+ hours on developing websites and researching

|1| Swipe Pages

Quickly create insanely fast, mobile-optimized AMP landing pages without any code using Swipe Pages, the landing page builder for ROI-driven marketers.

|2| WordPress

Build a site, Start a blog, Sell some stuff... and so much more.

|3| Wix

Gives you the freedom you create your web presence the way you want.

|4| Pory

Build a website in less than 10 minutes

|5| Sheet2Site

Build a fully functional website from Google sheets with pictures, text, filters, and links without writing code.

|6| Jotform

Use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports and automate workflows without writing any code

|7| Caard

Simple one-page websites for literally anything

|8| Potion

Simple and easy-to-use website builder from Notion pages.

|9| Tails

Drag-n-drop Tailwind CSS website creator

|10| Adalo

Turn any idea into a website

|11| Dorik

Make breath-taking websites without any code

|12| Glide

Create apps and websites from Google sheets or just by draggin'-n-droppin'

|13| Thunkable

Create native apps with 0 lines of code

|14| Super.so

Powerful and intuitive Notion page website builder

|15| Autocode

Build amazing apps, websites, and APIs

|16| Umso

The fastest way for startups to go live. Design and publish a beautiful website in no time.

|17| Bubble

The most powerful no-code builder empowers startups to create production-ready apps.

|18| Yourvone

Make simple apps and websites without writing any code

|19| Unstack

Lightning-fast Shopify landing pages for your customers

|20| Squarespace

Start with any template and make it your own

|21| Tilda

Build any kind of website without coding

|22| Webflow

Build HTML,CSS,JS websites on a visual canvas

|23| Softr

The easiest and fastest way to build websites from Airtable

|24| Typedream

Everything you need to build a website in record time

|25| Universe

Build websites without code on any platform

|26| Papyrus.so

Build blogs and manage them for free in no time

|27| Popsy

Build websites from Notion pages in no-time

|28| Drapcode

Build custom web apps in no time without coding a bit

|29| Unicorn platform

Build and run blogs and websites with 0% coding skills

|30| mmm.page

Websites don't have to be so cookie-cutter. Make a website that feels uniquely you in under five minutes.

|31| ConvertKit

Build a landing page and market literally anything

|32| Pagely.site

Build websites from Notion and integrate them with powerful tools

|33| Superblog

Blazing fast alternative to WordPress and Medium. Focus on writing content instead of SEO audits, speed, and design.

|34| Ghost

Create your own platform on the web

|35| Writy

Build good-looking websites without writing a single line of code.

|36| Sites.ng

Complete website design platform that enables you to create your own website quickly - no coding required.​

|37| MyTemplate

A no-code template for developer site

|38| Devcover

Build portfolio websites from your Github profile

|39| Mailerlite

Build websites with drag and drop

|40| Simple.ink

Convert your Notion page into a website. Launch (no-code) websites faster. Get an edge over everybody else. Simplify your process by 10x.

|41| Docs.page

Instant Open Source docs with zero configuration.

|42| Enzyme

Turn words into websites in seconds with AI

|43| TinyStore

The store builder for indie makers

|44| Fourthwall

Launch your own homepage, shop, memberships, and more — all on your fully-branded website.

|45| Pagecloud

Launch your online store, website, or landing page today.

|46| Jemi

No-code and blazing fast. Everything you need to build a website for yourself, your business, or your project.

|47| Terrace

From landing pages to membership sites, transform your Notion doc into a full website in minutes.

|48| Tellie

Build a home for your creativity in minutes.

|49| Superpage

A home for all your links with listings for so much more

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