5 Best Creativity tools for Developers and Bloggers

5 Best Creativity tools for Developers and Bloggers

Whether it be testing out markdown, creating your next viral blog cover, or making cool and minimal slides, we come across many creative tasks in our day to day life

Thankfully, our solutions usually lie in the hands of the Internet.

Today I present before you 5 of the best creative tools for developers and tech bloggers.

PS: This list is just based on my opinions. Feel free to drop in your suggestions down in the comments. Also, most of these apps are open source.

1. Markdown Editor

Now we all need markdown, be it testing ideas for your next blog or writing a README for your next project and so this web app, is the perfect choice because of its wide range of features and you can also use it to download your files.


2. Blog Cover

Believe it or not, images always add spice to blogs, and we all try to get the best cover image and its sizes. So this app has built-in presets and sizes for Hashnode, Dev.to, and Medium cover images.


3. MDSlide

Presentations or slides have become a part of our lives and to be honest, we all are bored with using the same old Microsoft Powerpoint. It's time to switch and MDSlide is the best option for developers. It uses the Markdown format for text to create sweet and minimal slides.


4. CodeScreenshot

Are you looking to take a clean screenshot of your code along with your editor? But not getting the desired results? Well, ScreenshotStudio by Codekeep is here to help. This app helps you to copy and paste your code and it will generate clean screenshots for all of them with syntax highlighting and image effects.


5. 404 Illustrations

Are you almost finished with creating and designing your best website ever? Well, you almost forgot to create a beautiful and unique 404 page. A custom 404 page takes away the confusion of not landing on the page they had intended to land on. It lets your user know that there is an error with their request. Perhaps they mistyped the URL, the page is temporarily unavailable, or the page no longer exists. This app allows you to download awesome hand-drawn illustrations for your 404 pages.


Bonus time


This awesome app is a note-taking web app that syncs with your Google account. It supports markdown and has an awesome UI. Worth a try!

Well, that's all from me for today. Hope this list helps you.

And btw