Introducing Pro-modoro: Your ultimate productivity station.

Introducing Pro-modoro: Your ultimate productivity station.

Hello everyone!

Today, I'm writing this post to tell you about the launch of a project of mine. Pro-modoro is a productivity tool built with nothing but HTML, CSS, and JS.

What is it?

It is nothing but my attempt at making a productivity tool out of plain HTML, CSS, and JS. It features a customizable Pomodoro timer, a to-do list, and a soundscape generator.

The idea

I've been searching for a free to use and customizable option for Pomodoro timers but to no use, I finally decided to create one myself. Without any intention to make it a product for all, I started out right with HTML and did create something I could use.

When I heard that some people have the same problem as mine, I decided to launch it as a product. To do this, I started work on a few more features.

As a big fan of lofi sounds, first I added a series or nature sounds which can be played with the timer when it works. This turned out to be really great.

After this I started work upon the to-do list which I had decided to use local storage to store the lists.

The Stack

  • HTML
  • Tailwind CSS
  • JS Audio libraries
  • Vanilla JS


You can use the app @

Did I mention that the app is also open source?

If not, here's the Github repo A star on the repo would be awesome....

Thank you for reading!

If you liked this app, drop us an upvote on ProductHunt which would actually mean the world for me.


Merry Christmas