Web Dev Repos for Hacktoberfest

Web Dev Repos for Hacktoberfest

First time participating in Hacktoberfest?

Well, I have got a solution for all the newbie web devs out there.

If you are having a problem in searching for repos to contribute to, then read this till the end.

I present before you Gamesflow Gamesflow is a combination of 5 web browser based games built on HTML, CSS and Javascript

This org account contains 5 repositories divided on the basis of level of advancement.


For beginner repos, the HTML-CSS-JS code is based in one html file.

Repo 1. 2048 game

This repo is for a fun and animated version of the OG 2048 game. It is a game where you add numbers of similar values to reach the number 2048. So, this is a good place to start.

Repo 2. Tetradic

This is a fun and music-based concentration game where you have to repeat the musical patters.


For intermediate repos, there are separate files for languages along with a little intro to ThreeJS.

Repo 3. The Lost Ball

This game is inspired from Subway Surfers and it is a 3D runner type game. There is a high score feature too.

Repo 4. Shinigami World

For all of you anime fans out there, this game is a ripoff of The Lost ball game above but with completely different aesthetics.


For advance repo, there are different kinds of functions and variables for you to try your hand at them.

Repo 5. PongZoid

This is a mouse-controlled version of the OG pong game with a home page and color-changing graphics. This had been a project of mine earlier and I had been working on its multiplayer version.

Bonus Repo

Repo 6. Outrun

This is a pixel art-based retro car racer. It has extensive use of music and other aesthetics. It is for everyone on any difficulty level.

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Thank you for reading!

Hope this will help you this month, feel free to reach out to me on twitter for any queries or suggestions. Happy Hacktober to you!